Senin, 07 Desember 2009

Flash menu can be Search Engine Friendly

Flash menu itself cannot be indexed by search engines, it is well-known fact and main drawback of flash menus. Good news is that we know how to make a best menu system. We have developed a way to combine HTML links with flash menu. Now you can be confident that all menu links and captions will be read, and therefore all pages of your web site will be indexed by the search engines. As you may know, navigation menu have a crucial role in indexing of web sites by search spiders.
Our flash menus have navigation settings in a form of ordinary HTML links, which search engines like, but your visitors will see only impressive flash menu system. A menu file reads the HTML navigation by means of a special technology and on the fly creates a great-looking flash navigation you see.

best flash menu
flash menu design example

Menu system is one of the key components of a Web site. Hesitating between design and functionality? Have a good look at our offer.
Our flash menu is ideal combination of flash design effectiveness, web usability and accessibility to search engines. Even a beginner in web site authoring can make full featured web menus using our extensions. Only minimal knowledge of Dreamweaver and no knowledge whatsoever of Flash is required.
flash menu
Forget about tangled menu builders. We offer only ready-to-use menus with perfect design with each pixel in exactly the right place. Choose one of the flash menu extensions. Edit in user friendly GUI and you will get impressive flash menu after few mouse clicks. Download free version before you decide to buy.

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